Since 1964, our work has helped to shape the developing infrastructure of the communities we operate in, making Reynolds Electric, Inc. one of the most respected names in electrical services.



Since 1964, three generations of Reynolds have been providing electrical services in Oregon. Jack Reynolds Sr. laid the foundation by serving the electrical needs of the timber industry in Grants Pass. Learning from his father, Jack Reynolds Jr. built on this foundation by establishing a branch in Lane County. Jeremy Reynold’s ambitions lead to an early aptitude in the electrical field and he has continued to grow the company and its well-respected reputation.

  • 1964

    Jack Reynolds Sr. establishes the original Reynolds Electric, Inc. in Grants Pass to serve the booming Timber industry.

  • 1964

    Jack Reynolds Sr. hires his first employee – his son, Jack Reynolds Jr.

  • 1968

    Jack Reynolds Jr. opens the lighting storefront at Grants Pass REi while still in high school.

  • 1971

    Jack Reynolds Jr. begins his 4-year electrical apprenticeship

  • 1973

    Jack Reynolds Jr. moves to Eugene, OR.

  • 1977

    Jack Reynolds Jr. challenges the state Supervising Electrician’s exam, receiving his supervisor’s license.

  • 1980

    Eugene, OR branch of REi founded by Jack Reynolds Jr.

  • June 1980

    Grants Pass REi reaches the pinnacle of its success, employing 25 electricians.

  • Early 1990's

    Jack Reynolds Sr. retires, Rogue Valley REi closes.

  • 1995

    West Second Avenue facility is built in Eugene, OR.

  • 1996

    Jack Reynolds Jr.’s son, Jeremy Reynolds, starts his electrical apprenticeship while still in high school.

  • 2005

    Jeremy Reynolds sets out on his own as a general contractor.

  • 2007

    Jeremy Reynolds returns to REi as Vice President and General Manager.

  • 2008

    Jeremy Reynolds obtains his Supervising Electrician’s license.

  • 2009

    Jeremy Reynolds becomes President of the New Reynolds Electric, Inc.