Jack Reynolds Sr. founded the original Reynolds Electric in Grants Pass, Oregon in 1964. Jacks new company provided residential service, remodel, and new construction services. About a year into his new business venture, Jack Sr. hired his first employee.Jack Jr. started working for his dad on weekends and over summer vacation during his junior high school days and formally began his 4-year apprenticeship in 1971. In 1968, during his junior year in high school, Jack Reynolds Jr., opened up a lighting storefront at his father’s shop. Jr. attended high school in the morning and manned his lighting showroom in the afternoon.By June of 1980, Jack Sr. employed 25 electricians in Grants Pass and had built his business upon serving the wood products industry. The down economy during the ‘80’s certainly took its toll on the original Reynolds Electric and by the time the ‘90’s rolled around, Sr. was down to five employees.

Jack Reynolds Sr. suffered a career ending, on the job injury in the early 1990’s that proved to be the end of the original Reynolds Electric in the Rogue Valley.In 1973 Jack Jr. moved to Eugene, OR. and gained employment with several local electrical contractors while finishing the last two years of his apprenticeship. With a brand new journeyman’s license in his pocket, Jack Jr. started performing the lead electrician role on several of the larger projects in Lane County including a downtown parking structure, the expo center at Lane County Fairgrounds, the Lane County Jail, an addition to Lane Community College, and the Lane County Public Yards. As soon as he became eligible, four years later, he challenged the state of Oregon’s Supervising Electricians exam and received his Supervisors license and founded the Lane County version of Reynolds Electric in 1980.

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By the mid ‘90’s, Jack Reynolds Jr., president of Reynolds Electric Inc. in Eugene, employed twenty people. In 1995 Jack Jr. built the facility that the company currently uses as the base of operations on West Second Avenue.In 1996, Jack Reynolds Jr.’s son, Jeremy, started the electrical apprenticeship program during his junior year of high school. In 2001, at the age of twenty one, Jeremy became the second youngest licensed journeyman electrician in the state’s history. Jeremy took a two year hiatus from Reynolds Electric. During that time, Jeremy was self employed as a general contractor. Jeremy returned to the company as the Vice President/General Manger in 2007. In 2008, Jeremy obtained his Supervising Electricians license.January 1st, 2009, Jeremy became the President and sole share holder of New Reynolds Electric Inc. For tax purposes, Jeremy started a new entity, adding the “New” in front of Reynolds Electric Inc. New Reynolds Electric Inc. is essentially the same company, employing the same people that have contributed to the success of the business in Eugene since 1980.