Why It’s a Good Idea to Opt for Certified Electricians

B. Franklin, our saviour!

We are all quite aware that ever since B. Franklin decided to go outside with his kite in the midst of a thunderstorm, this thing called electricity pretty much rules our life. To understand this, you must recall what it felt like that one time your power went out for the entire day. This meant nothing worked, no computer, no refrigerator, no television and not to mention no Wi-Fi!

Where’s My iPad and Why Isn’t It Charged?

We know that electricity plays an important role in people’s lives from the moment they wake up to the time they go to sleep. Since electricity is always available, people usually don’t think twice about how important it is in terms of complementing their lives. Electricity makes our lives comfortable. People are so accustomed to using electricity in a range of activities. When at home, electricity is used for lighting, air conditioning, , cooking food, using computers, watching TV, and operating other appliances and devices. With the help of electricity, people function better at night because electricity has enabled them to see even through the dark. Gee, thanks Benjamin Franklin!

Honey, I’ll Fix The Fridge. No Need to Call an Electrician!

However, there might come times when you should find yourself encountering problems with the wiring or any other electrical work. Often, homeowners decide to feed their ego when they think these are problems they can easily fix on their own, which is highly untrue. Whenever someone who lacks knowledge, experience and training to deal with electrical issues deals with electrical issues, it has catastrophic results.

Before you decide to put your hand inside the fuse box, you must know how power works, how it moves and what could happen should you be electrocuted. I am guessing these are things you didn’t think about as you didn’t even consider the possibility of something going wrong. Don’t fret, as you can easily call in a certified electrician.

Underrated as they may be, they are the reason the wiring in your house doesn’t go bonkers and burns your house. Certified electricians not only know their work inside out but they also adhere to the best practices and follow the guidelines and rules laid down by the state. You can rest assured they will deliver a level of service that ensures peace of mind for you.

Remember José from two blocks down? He hired an electrician who wasn’t certified and he had to get whole new electrical wiring done for his house at a great cost. Do you want to be that guy?

Work Until You Succeed!

You should know that electrical work, much like any other job, requires training. In most cases, an electrician is required to complete 5 years’ worth of education as well as roughly 10,000 hours of on-the-job training to get their licence. Surprised now, aren’t you? These electricians are taught to work safely with electrical systems as well as to abide by codes and laws, which is something an uncertified electrician would never know.
They are not a threat to the integrity of your house, or at risk of fatal injuries. A certified electrician would also know the code requirements of the area that you live in and will know whether or not the work that is to be done requires a permit or not.

Where Is Your Licence, Sir?

To conclude, there are numerous benefits of hiring a certified electrician for any electrical work you have around the house. Even the government trusts their capability, so why shouldn’t you! So, before you call the first electrician you find in the directory, ask whether or not they are licensed.

Now when most people would be shy asking, and most electricians offended when asked for a licence, you should know it is within your rights to ask for it. Should something go wrong, you are liable legally while certified and licensed electricians take full responsibility for their work and the leading ones guarantee the quality of their work. Now, think about that the next time you feel shy or reserved asking for a licence when hiring an electrician for electrical work. It will go a long way, my friend.

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  • Derek Mcdoogle
    August 2, 2016 11:45 pm

    Recently we had a severe storm which caused a power surge in our home and shorted out a couple outlets. You mentioned that certified electricians not only know their work inside out but they also adhere to the best practices and follow the guidelines and rules laid down by the state. I didn’t realize there were guidelines and rules from the state regarding the wires in a home. Do all electricians abide by these rules?

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