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Why You Should Hire a Local Electrician

Electrical systems, regardless of how advanced the technology is or how well they are installed, can fail and require repairs from time to time. Now, the average Joe knows how to change a bulb or even check a fuse but beyond that, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. Safety is a major reason, as you never know the risk involved in any electrical problem around the house. It is best to let a trained technician deal with the matter on hand than taking a chance by attempting it yourself. However, you might be confused when selecting an electrician to hire.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Opt for Certified Electricians

B. Franklin, our saviour!

We are all quite aware that ever since B. Franklin decided to go outside with his kite in the midst of a thunderstorm, this thing called electricity pretty much rules our life. To understand this, you must recall what it felt like that one time your power went out for the entire day. This meant nothing worked, no computer, no refrigerator, no television and not to mention no Wi-Fi!

Where’s My iPad and Why Isn’t It Charged?

We know that electricity plays an important role in people’s lives from the moment they wake up to the time they go to sleep.

What Is Required to Become a Certified Electrical Contractor/Engineer?

So, you want to become an electrical contractor/engineer? Selecting electrical work as a profession brings several rewarding growth opportunities. After all, the need for electricity is on the rise in today’s society. But before you reach a decision, it’s not only important for you to know the numerous duties of an electrical contractor/engineer, but also the requirements for becoming a certified electrician.

Luckily, in this article, you will learn everything about becoming a certified electrical contractor in a step-by-step process. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to start a career in electrical contracting, or are still only considering it,

What Does a Low-Voltage Electrician Do and How to Find the Right One?

Generally, it doesn’t cost much to hire an electrician to have repair work or installation done at home. Yet, many homeowners in Oregon feel they can save the money they would have to spend by taking care of the problem on their own, even though they lack the experience and the expertise to do it right. This often leads to greater problems and they have to spend more money on the repair than they would have if they had called in an electrician in the first place. Of course, hiring the right electrician isn’t simply a matter of finding a number in a directory and making a call.

Top 5 Things to Look For in Electrician Services

Usually, people hire an electrical contractor without giving it too much thought. You might assume that a professional service will know how to get the job done in quick time and you won’t have to bear any hassle. However, there is more to electrician services than meets the eye. There are a few relevant factors you should consider when selecting an electrical service for hiring. The reasons are simple: you are letting in complete strangers into your home who will be working on the electrical system. You have to be on the safe side than take any risk.

To make things a tad easier for you,

How Much Should You Pay an Electrician in Oregon?

Benjamin Franklin, in his time, invented many things that he never quite understood but the one that changed our lives forever was electricity. Electricity pretty much rules our lives to this day. It is impossible to imagine our lives without the little technological advances we use in our everyday lives. From a toaster, to a smart television to Wi-Fi, without these, life would, as some say, cease to move forward.

While electricity is extremely beneficial and useful, it is equally as dangerous. If you are facing an electrical issue at home, you might be tempted to manage it yourself to save the money you would otherwise have to spend on calling in an electrician.

Dealing with Electrical Emergencies: Why You Shouldn’t Panic

We all know how important electricity is. Our lives wouldn’t function as well, or if at all, without it. Whether it is watching the news on television and surfing the internet, or playing games on consoles and ironing clothes, even tasks as simple as cooking would be a problem should electricity go out. It is important to have a clear understanding of everything that could go wrong and to have emergency kits near electricity sockets. Because as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Pun intended.

But just because there are so many things that could go wrong when electricity is in question,

Common Myths about Electrician Work Debunked

It is virtually impossible that you don’t face electrical problems around the home from time to time. It could be a tripping breaker or a fused bulb, but sooner or later, there will be an electrical problem that you have to deal with. Now, most homeowners are adept at taking care of the small electrician work, i.e. taping up wires or replacing a blown fuse. However, there are certain situations where calling in a professional electrician is the best course of action. Yet, there are many people who don’t consider this an option, usually till it’s too late and they have no other recourse.

4 Problems a Commercial Electrical Service Can Help You With

For a business, uninterrupted supply of electrical power and faultless operation of machines and equipment is a must to ensure success. This is true for most businesses today, regardless of the industry they are in and the scale of their operation. After all, your employees won’t be able to work if their computers don’t receive a constant power supply. The inventory in your warehouse may get spoiled if the cooling and heating systems you have installed there are not functioning at an optimal level. So, it won’t be wrong to say there is much that can go wrong, electrically,

Reynolds Electric Turkey Gifting

The Reynolds Electric team has many things to be thankful for and this year we would like to donate Thanksgiving Turkeys to three deserving households in Lane County. We would like you, our loyal clients to nominate a friend or family member who you think would benefit from a FREE turkey for the upcoming holiday. The winners will be selected on Friday, November 20th so that there will be ample time pick up, thaw, and cook the delicious bird ahead of Thursday’s feast!

Nominating is as easy as 1, 2, 3.